what we’re up to:


Theme:  New beginnings                                                     

6/9       Meal                                                                           

9/9       Pub      Inspiration from Greenbelt                              

16/9     Home –  Songhursts’ new house blessing                    

20/9     Sunday gathering                                                       

23/9     Pub      Vision and values                                           

30/9     Meal with Ian Adams leading                                    

4/10     Sunday gathering                                                        

7/10     Pub                                                                             

14/10   Home – Reflection / silence / Celtic liturgy              

18/10   Sunday gathering                                                                 

21/10   Sabbath

One Response to “what we’re up to:”

  1. Tony & Frances Songhurst

    We absolutely felt a great sense of belonging in this following the prayers and blessings read in all our ‘new’ rooms. Our friends are an invaluable piece of our belonging – God Bless, Tony and Frances xx


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