Holiday reads

This week we met at Designate at the Gate again – and loved it. It was a fun evening of us all bringing books to recommend or lend for holiday reading. So for anyone out there who might be interested in the eclectic range on offer, here is our list:

The Holy Thief / The Bloody Meadow – William Ryan (set in Stalin’s Russia)

Before I go to sleep  – S J Watson (the haunting story of a woman with memory built up only in the space of a day)

Wabi-Sabi – for artists, designers, poets and philosophers

101 things I learned from Architecture School – Matthew Frederick (not as narrow as it sounds!)

The Book Thief – Marcus Zusak (set in war-time Dresden narrated by death)

The Apothecary’s Daughter – Charlotte Betts (about the Black Death – yes both of those death related novels recommended by the same person – counselling is still on the table Jane!)

The Road to Nab End – William Woodruff (growing up in Blckburn)

Unapologetic –  Why despite everything,  Christianity can still make surprising emotional sense – Francis Spufford (antidote to Dawkins et al – and quite brilliant and refreshing, looking at Christianity in the 21st Century)

Pay it forward – Catherine Ryan-Hyde – the novel that led to the brilliant film

The British Museum Dictionary of ancient Egypt – Ian Shaw and Paul Nicholson (no prizes fro guessing who brought that!)

The Girls – Lori Lansens (a truly brilliant story as if written by conjoined twins)

Mother Tongue / A short history of everything – Bill Bryson

Grumpy old men – David Quantick

Grumpy old women – Judith Holder


Never let it be said that we are narrow!!!