Joining with brothers and sisters in Nepal

This Sunday Harry shared information about the work of
Sagoal – a partner of Tearfund – who are involved in helping  the people of Shrivnagar in Nepal.W e heard a
little of the pastor of Tikapur church, Madan, and of Sita, Dhandevi and
Motilal who are all freed slaves (bonded labourers).  This community is being given livestock to
help them make money to start their own businesses and they have had a school
and medical clinic set up for them amongst other initiatives.


We watched a clip form a Tearfund DVD and prayed for them
all, along lines requested by them, using incense as a symbol of our prayers
disseminating through the air to them…


It was wonderful to be reminded that the Kingdom of God is
at work and inspiring to us to be making sure we’re playing our part in it too.


It felt good to be outward looking and to know that our
small group in the Bandstand can stand alongside others in God’s family however
far away.