Prayer and planning

Had a good evening last night discussing how we might update our website and give a truer impression of Soulspace with Phil- a-million-monkeys-Smith. Thanks Phil for your patience and wisdom and advice Рwe may yet get ourselves geared up for facebook!

Prayer was centred around a new feature – a wooden cross based on the one at St Non’s, St David’s Pembs which has featured on a couple of pilgrimage days for some of us. It was made by Jonathon Hemingray, based in Derby – do look at his stuff on¬†– he’s fantastic!

We used our Celtic evening prayer, holding stones representing those we were holding in prayer and making time for silence too. We had stones with our initials around the cross with candles too and later divvied up our usual ‘Secret Santa’ style prayer partners for Lent: we all pray for someone in the group though we don’t know who is praying for us.


Good to see Colin back in the country and catch up on some of his and Michele’s adventures. Thanks everyone for a lovely evening x