We were greeted this morning in the bandstand with two mystery bundles.

So what what was that all about then?

Paul talked about recently having seen the film Les Miserables – the over riding message that he got from the film was “Redemption”

Whatever we are really like, however dark and polluted we are there is a chance to be made clean.

He illustrated this beautifully by stirring up some disgusting water (one of the mystery bundles uncovered) taken from his drain. Saying no-one really knows what goes on inside us. We all thought Paul was going to give us some juicy confessions as he stirred up the disgusting liquid and talked about himself. 

Then he revealed the other bundle – a container of clear, pure liquid. Illustrating that we are made clean through what Jesus has done for us.

As we shared the bread and wine some wine was spilled which beautifully served to show the symbolism of the cleansing redemptive blood of Jesus.


Dirty Clean Spilt.jpg

Polluted water, wine spilled and crystal clear water