The Kingdom of God at the bandstand

The kingdom of God is like... This past Sunday we focused on the heart of Jesus’   message – that God’s Kingdom is coming and that nothing can stop it! A good message in the light of bad news, internationally, nationally and closer to home. After reading about the mustard seed (Luke 13) – or as The Message has it – the pine nut  – we used words from the Wildgoose community of Iona early in our time of reflection:


Among the poor, among the proud,

among the persecuted, among the privileged,

Christ is coming to make all things new.

 In the private house, in the public place,

in the wedding feast, in the judgment hall,

Christ is coming to make all things new.

 With a gentle touch, with an angry word,

with a clear conscience, with burning love,

Christ is coming to make all things new.

That the kingdom might come, that the world might believe,

that the powerful might stumble, that the hidden might be seen,

Christ is coming to make all things new.

Within us, without us, behind us, before us,

in this place, in every place, for this time, for all time,

Christ is coming to make all things new.

—from Morning Liturgy B: Wild Goose Resources (Iona Community)


After reflecting further on the kingdom, we walked, pondering these questions:

Where have you seen the kingdom of God breaking through into this world in the last 7 days?

What act have you been part of that has contributed to the kingdom growing in the last 7 days?

What could you do this coming week to bring in the kingdom?

We prayed around an evergreen shrub, with tight-knit foliage – a perfect symbol for the kingdom that provides shelter and food for all. We scattered pine nuts in the branches to feed the wildlife as we prayed for those known to us and those not known who need protection and provision at this time – who need the kingdom of God to break into their lives.

The kingdom of God is like...

We shared bread and wine and closed with the new version of the Lord’s prayer we created a couple of weeks ago.

Let not our will, but your will and purposes be fulfilled in our lives here on Earth.

Amen to that!