We make the road by walking

We make the roadSo last night we started discussing Brian McClaren’s book. We spent much of the evening debating his definition of ‘being spiritual’ as meaning ‘seeking aliveness’. We got a bit lost in it all, arguably, but it wasn’t bad to sit back and ask what it really means if we are aspiring to be ‘really alive’ or as Jesus put it to have ‘life in all its fullness’. We’ve decided to read a chapter a week and when we have an evening dedicated to it we can share anything arising from the previous chapters or that week’s.  We’re going to put a pop-up on the homepage every week to remind us where we’re at – as we’re starting at week 19 this week (His book begins in September). If you’re following us from afar, why don’t you get a copy and join us from a distance. You could post comments on your responses…

Thanks Fi for leading us and to the Gate for the real fire!

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