What is God doing and how can I be part of it?

We met in the park on Sunday morning, few in numbers (with quite a few of us away) but we were joined with them in spirit.  We were privileged to meet Michele’s friend who met with us at the bandstand and in the coffee shop.

Following on from themes raised last Sunday and Wednesday we were to think about our part in the world seeking to know how we should bring something of God’s Kingdom where there is need.

Greeting us on the bandstand floor was our icon and cross surrounded by raindrop/tear drop shaped paper.  With the word that Wendy had quoted from Rob Bell; “What is God doing and how can I be part of it?”

Tears or rain?

Tears and Rain

During the prayer time we used the rain drop shaped paper to remember those in need of rain, and we wrote down places (especially remembering the horn of Africa) that are suffering from drought.

Following on from that we used the tear shaped paper to remember areas in the world where tears fall – areas of conflict, war or natural disaster. Areas where people mourn, situations that must grieve God and news that saddens those of us who hear it.

Finally we thought of those we knew who need our prayers. We wrote their names on one of the shaped papers and passed it around the group, each adding names to the list which was read aloud so that all were named before God.

We used and adaption of  Jonny Baker liturgy; “It would not have been Gods Table”,  Worship Trick 8

We shared bread and wine.

We closed with a responsive blessing.