What’s New?

So what is new at Third Space?

Rumour has it that some members were seen disguised as Fairtrade Bananas this weekend in the Great Derbyshire Dales Fairtrade Banana Relay. Phew!

and in preparation for such an energetic event ….

Third Spacers went away for the weekend together to an idyllic setting in Yorkshire’s Bronte country.

Amazingly we managed to find a space between the rain to enjoy a walk in the countryside.

The rest of the weekend, well there was lots of extremely good food put on by various members of the Third Space Gastronomic Brigade, a wine tasting, some investigations into Celtic Christianity, Michael Mitton’s book to discuss, watching rugby matches with lots of friendly rivalry, photo opportunities with our resident photographer, a trip to Saltaire and much, much more.

We stayed on a working farm so our space was shared by a forth variety (get it – Forth Space) we must be getting even more Franciscan.

So what else is new – Watch this SPACE!