Easter Sunday at the bandstand

We had a fantastic time together on Sunday morning, with no-one taking overall responsibility for our worship but all being invited to bring something. In the event it was quite remarkable – everything that was brought fitted together in a way that appeared altogether planned out!

We began with words of blessing (cross posted at revgalblog pals painting of the Risen Christ by HeQui)

 On this Easter morn we welcome you Jesus into our lives. 
We welcome your resurrection for it is 
life changing, life giving and life sustaining. 
We welcome the hope it brings to our world.  
We welcome the joy it brings to our darkness. 
We welcome the empty tomb for we know that it means you are on the loose. 
Lord, may your resurrection give life to those who feel lifeless,
those who are just going through the motions,  
and those who have had the death of a loved one. 
Lord, may your resurrection give hope to those who are mired in despair, 
who feel hopeless, and who have given up all hope. 
Lord, may your resurrection give joy to those who feel no joy, 
lost their joy or have had their joy snuffed out. 
Lord, may you be on the loose in this world as the risen one 

 This was followed by a reading from John 20 – that wonderful encounter between the risen Christ and Mary Magdalene.

 Richard Rohr’s words then inspired us, particularly: 

The Risen Jesus is the lasting image and eternal icon of what God is going to do everywhere for everybody in all of time.  God’s exact job description is this, according to St. Paul: I am the God “who turns death into life and calls into being what does not yet exist” (Romans 4:17).  Starting in Genesis, Yahweh is always creating something out of nothing (creatio ex nihilo), which becomes the bedrock meaning of grace.  Jesus stands forever as God’s promise, guarantee, and lifetime warranty of what God has always been about and will forever do: turn crucifixions into resurrections!  What else would give us hope?

 Using the old advert for Fry’s chocolate we considered the ‘journey’ of the disciples on the road to Emmaus and walked in silence in the park contemplating our own journey and recognising Jesus with us…


Frys chocolate advert

A jouney of emotions!


 Without hope, all is lost. Jesus was dead.

Pacified? As they heard the Scriptures unfolded, maybe there was some deep sense in which this death was meant to be. Their hearts burned within in.

Expectation? Was there any expectation as they sat to break bread together?

Acclamation? It’s Jesus!

Realization? And he’s real and alive and here! 

We returned to the bandstand to share bread and wine and to recognise Jesus in them.

Finally we read a poem by D Adams from ‘The edge of Glory’. A blessing for all at the bandstand, for our dearest friends not with us and for the many we know of and care for who are struggling with illness and bereavement this Easter

 This Easter may…

The Lord of the empty tomb, the conqueror of gloom

Come to you

The Lord in the Upper Room, dispelling fear and doom

Come to you

The Lord in the garden walking-the Lord to Mary talking

Come to you

The Lord on the road to Emmaus, the Lord giving hope to Thomas

The Lord appearing on the shore giving us life for evermore,

Come to you

We then anointed one another, as the body of Christ – remembering the women who had gone to anoint Jesus that morning, using these words:

May the loving power of God,
which raised Jesus to new life,
strengthen you in hope,
enrich you with his love,
and fill you with joy in the faith

Later we shared a magnificent lunch at Paul and Fi’s with other friends – a real day of joy and celebration. Thanks everyone and thanks be to God!