More on Pilgrimage at the Bandstand

More thought-provoking stuff!  B & G led last week, focussing on blessings as part of a Celtic pilgrimage experience. Loved the youngest blessing us oldies in the giving of bread and wine and loved so many of the blessings used in our time together. We closed with these words:

Blessings on you

who stand in the tension and the flux

of understanding God.

In the struggle to understand what is

and what isn’t

what was and what will be,

what we are

and what we should be.


Blessings on you who step out of the battle

waging on.

Who choose to be at peace,

who choose to listen,

and who choose to be humble in a world that

seems so very sure

and so very lost.


Blessings as we revisit places we’ve been

and look forward to the places we’d like to see.

As we embrace dialogue,

as we choose to love,

and as we rejoice in this journey,

continually thankful for the chance to grow,

the chance to think,

and the ever-present chance to change.