sunday in the park -what are you feasting and fasting on?

Musing on lent this Sunday in the park, we’ re grateful to Grace for the following…

Fast from discontent, feast on gratitude.

Fast from worry, feast on God’s providence.

Fast from complaining, feast on appreciation.

Fast from unrelenting pressure, feast on unceasing prayer.

Fast from self concern, feast on compassion for others.

Fast from personal anxiety, feast on eternal truth.

Fast from discouragement, feast on hope.

Fast from endless noise, feast on purposeful silence.

Fast from problems that overwhelm., feast on prayer that sustains.

seems a long way off from giving up chocolate biscuits……

One Response to “sunday in the park -what are you feasting and fasting on?”

  1. Annie

    Amen Amen Amen!
    Fast from labelling others, feast on being accepted
    Fast from needing others approval, feast on knowing His favour

    Great to draw wisdom, life from all you are doing!
    Keep crackin on


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