The Emmaus Road at the Bandstand!

Barbara and Grayden led us this morning looking afresh at the Emmaus road encounter with Jesus. We looked at words that might have been indicative of the feelings of those two disciples and went slow-walking again to pray for those who might be at a similar point in their own journeys. We were particularly mindful of Tony taken into hospital last night and Frances and Charlotte caught up in all of that.  How comforting the story is, of Christ walking with us when we are afraid, distressed, angry, lost… even if we do not recognise him there.  How encouraging that he taught them in that time of confusion and went on to make himself known…


Jesus walks with us when we feel...

We broke bread as Jesus had done with them and shared wine, recognising him in those things.

Recognising Jesus in broken bread

The sun is out and so are people in the park – we are aware that we are becoming more visible. This week we get business cards printed and laminated posters with our web address to attach to the bandstand.

Also, this last week we’ve become aware of some who may wish to become part of ThirdSpace in a dispersed community sort of a way. We’re working on how we  can include and support those of you who are visiting our website – so watch this space – and why not leave a comment and let us know who you are and what you think!

Here are two prayers used today you may wish to reflect on this week or adapt to your own situations (we’re getting into speaking blessing these days – perhaps you can join with us and insert names for blessing in this second prayer):

We shall celebrate Easter! Alleluia!

We shall bring love to those who are sad

And share joy with those who are happy

We will live our lives to the glory of God

We will live in Easter joy and Easter hope

And bring new life to those we meet.




May the blessing of God the Creator be upon this place,

The blessing of Christ our Redeemer be upon us,

The blessing of the Spirit, hallowed and healing, be on our lives,

The blessing of the Triune God be on all who seek an encounter with the loving and divine.