Under the canopy of God’s love

Sunday found us at the bandstand looking at a parachute and an umbrella.

Whilst on the walk in Blubberhouses, wrapped up against the elements Barbara said she felt like she was inside even though we were out of doors. This set her off into a train of thought about how ancient people thought of our world. Flat with a canopy of sky or stars.

We had some fun and games with the parachute and talked about being under a canopy of God’s love.

readings Isaiah 40 :22

Isaiah 4: 5 and 6

Rob Bell talks of a canopy of love in his sermon on the Song of Solomon

“From the perspective of the Scriptures, a man & a woman coming together is a picture of

God and his people coming together

– To symbolically represent this coming together, for thousands of years Jews have

taken a prayer shawl, which in the book of Numbers God commanded the people

to wear (Num. 15:38)…

– They then fastened the four corners to four poles, and the wedding attendants held

the four poles so that the couple could exchange their vows under the canopy (or


– Just as God ‘hovered over’ the people of Israel while they were journeying

through the wilderness… so, too, does God ‘hover over’ a marriage couple…

protecting them, journeying with them, and blessing their union.”

The symbolism used here to show that God is hovering over the couple getting married under a canopy of love can be taken further if we see the church as the bride of Christ. God is hovering over us protecting us, journeying with us and blessing our union with Jesus.

Thanksgiving  –  sharing bread and wine.

Gratitude, Praise and Thanksgiving.

Voices full and joyful.

These you deserve O Lord,

For when we had no faith and no future

You called us to be your sons and daughters.

When we lost our way or turned away

You have not abandoned us.

Your arms of love are always wide open in welcome.

And Lord you offer not just bread and wine,

But your very self……….

You are worthy of all our praise and thanksgiving.

And so we join our voices to those of the church on earth and in heaven:

Holy, Holy, Holy,

God of power and might

Heaven and earth are full of your glory.

Hosanna in the highest………………

And so with one voice we announce resurrection in our lives,

In this place, and in the life of our community.

So fill this bread and wine with the life of your Spirit,

And so inspire us to be a community of love and hope.

(Adapted with thanks from Iona Community liturgy)

God in

God in the trees

God in the bird song

God in the hills

God in the sunrise

God in the woods

God in the half-frozen lake

God in the park

God in the worship

God in the discussions in the pub

God in the chats in the café

God in the bread and wine

God in the fish and bread by the river

God in the silence

God in the laughter

God in the friendship

God in the sharing of meals together

God in having fun together

God in accepting each other

God in supporting each other

God in this community

God in each other

God in every act of love.

(Third Space experiences)