Welcome home Tony

So good to see our good mate Tony released back into his natural habitat after a prolonged spell… where was it Tony? Did you mention you’ve been in hospital? Ever one for attention he still insists on sporting an impressive pick(?) line going straight to the heart (sit down and block your ears Barbara), complete with rucksacked pump-action drip thing (I’m so good at this┬ámedical jargon!). Anyway, it was EXCELLENT to have him back with us at the table, eating and sharing bread and wine with us once again and for Frances and Charlotte to be here too , making up the full complement. After Barbara’s wonderful blessing for Steve before leaving for Nepal, Steve was called upon to speak. We were all with him in his single response ‘All I want to say is that it’s so good to see you Tony!’ That’s family.

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  1. Tony

    How I would have made it without you all I do not know. Steve’s speech was very meaningful. We wish Steve a safe and fulfilling journey. We also will celebrate his return in a couple of weeks time

    T x


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