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A God of Expression

Steve Jobs, who died this week, told Stanford University students in a speech in 2005 of his love of calligraphy which came about through dropping out of college. This appreciation led to Apple having a unique appearance to it’s typefaces. He also shared how his own creativity was released in a special way when he was fired… Read more »

Does Jesus float your boat?

We were returning from Lancashire recently when we came across a boat outside a church with the caption “Does Jesus float your boat?”  “floats your boat”        What does this mean? Here are some definitions from  the Urban Dictionary: Whatever “soothes your soul” or whatever “works best” aka – whatever you feel like… Read more »

Joining with brothers and sisters in Nepal

This Sunday Harry shared information about the work of Sagoal – a partner of Tearfund – who are involved in helping  the people of Shrivnagar in Nepal.W e heard a little of the pastor of Tikapur church, Madan, and of Sita, Dhandevi and Motilal who are all freed slaves (bonded labourers).  This community is being… Read more »

sunday morning walk

We’re fortunate to be able to step out of our doors and be surrounded by the most fantastic scenery  here in Derbyshire. So last Sunday we made the most of it and left the bandstand to take a walk. It wasn’t too challenging (or too long), and offered a lots of variety in a relatively… Read more »

Greenbelt 2011

A good number of us got along to Greenbelt this year – some camped… most didn’t! For me highlights included: All the mentions of ‘home’ that made me proud to be part of ThirdSpace and our vision for being home for others and plenty of renewed inspiration… Seeing our friend Ian Adams with Matt Rees… Read more »

What is God doing and how can I be part of it?

We met in the park on Sunday morning, few in numbers (with quite a few of us away) but we were joined with them in spirit.  We were privileged to meet Michele’s friend who met with us at the bandstand and in the coffee shop. Following on from themes raised last Sunday and Wednesday we were to… Read more »

The significance of number

As only the elite in ancient times would have been educated many would not be literate or numerate. Numbers were often used symbolically as well as a measurement. We opened in worship remembering the dichotomy between a mighty God and a personal saviour. The universe is created with order and pattern. We thought about how immense our… Read more »

Prayer in the Garden

Last night we reflected around various themes using Colin & Michele’s garden. The Franciscan concept Great Chain of Being, first explored in May at the Bandstand, was the hinge pin of the evening. As we meditated on God’s provision in the veg patch, we were encouraged to thank the hens for their manure to feed… Read more »

What the papers say

We had a lively discussion about the press and phone hacking on Wednesday and then Colin posed some really challenging questions. One of which was something like, how can we in Third Space help people when they are vulnerable and downcast, how can we offer them support and strength? As part of the discussion that… Read more »

Can you tell what it is yet?

It was wonderful to be joined by 3 sets of visitors today! Lovely to see Fi and Jean and to welcome Rachel, Mark and 3 kids who sought us out having read our website! You all encouraged us and it was lovely to see you. After enjoying the beauty of our surroundings, in bright sunshine,… Read more »